Does Your Church have a trained Security Team?

Protecting the Flock

From parking lots to mission trips


We can provide your church with the needed on-site training that you need to equip your staff and volunteers to do the work of the ministry of protecting the local flock.   In America, we have historically worked very hard to prayerfully and diligently protect the flock from spiritual wolves and predators, but now  the time has come for us to also make preparations to guard the flock from physical wolves and predators as well as those walking in the door with unique emotional needs that may cause an outburst of violence.

While many churches are having consultants come in with lectures, or send one or two of their  staff to remote locations to sit in on seminars, why not have a certified professional instructor come to your church and from a Christian perspective assist your church in implementing a workable- Christ honoring security plan for your local congregation.

At Ready Self Defense, we will bring a high energy – hands-on half day, entire day, or two day comprehensive training regimen to your local church and work with your staff and volunteers.

  • Special training for your greet staff
  • Training for your Ushers
  • Tactical considerations to protect the congregation and Pastor
  • Active aggression tactics
  • Active shooter training for selected staff – to teach the teachers
  • Men’s ministry programs can be customized for your congregation
  • ALL Church Security Training is CUSTOMIZED for your local congregation after a consultation with the  local church decision making team
  • The instructor is a born again Christian that has served over a decade in pastoral ministry
  • The entire process is designed to be Christ honoring, yet provide the local church very effective training and live scenarios to implement the program immediately
  • We work with Dr. Craig Issacs - author of "Wolves Among Sheep" and use his workbook as an outline to help your church implement a "Violence Protection Plan".  This will begin with the spiritual preparation and transition to the physical side and training of the plan.


  • Peace of mind that your church has exercised reasonable consideration for church security to offer added safety to your congregation
  • Increased awareness of the spiritual battle being waged in each Christ honoring congregation
  • Tremendous team building opportunity for the men of your church
  • An added way to involve many men from all ages that might not otherwise have a place to serve in the church
  • The program can have very positive impact on how your church is perceived by first time visitors
  • Increased peace of mind of women, children and senior citizens in the congregation
  • Is your church ready to take that vital step to protect your local flock?

Additional Training

Anti-Abduction Training

Is your church ready to implement a program to aid in abduction prevention training and techniques for your wives, daughters, and children while at the church facility or while serving on short term mission trips? Is your church ready to train your youth pastor/workers on low stress anti-abduction training for youth while outside the local church facility- while on outings/mission trips?

What we offer:

High energy, extremely information and hands on training for selected leaders in your congregation to take these methods to your individual church related activities where the possibility of any kind of abduction might occur.

What to expect

Actual abduction attempts in scenario based training along with possible outcomes and best methods of delaying/stopping the abduction.  All training to do be done by a certified C.O.B.R.A. instructor.

Scenarios include at church, parking lots, automobiles  - all hands-on 

FULLY Customizable for your local congregation, special emphasis can move from church facilities to anti-abduction principles and techniques while on International Mission Trips   -   We will work with your decision makers to customize the programming and time constraints around your local congregation.


  • Added peace of mind for women of the church
  • Added peace of mind to parents of youth and children of the church
  • Tremendous team building and group activity benefits from training together
  • Training will bring a whole new level of awareness to your church groups that take outings away from the church plant
  • A life or lives may be saved